Friday, September 13, 2013

apartment status report

where the "magic" happens. it's so squishy and perfect! 
we opted to use the living space like a studio so we'd have more breathing room around the bed.
we both hate to feel cluttered and cramped when we're trying to "sleep".
we have TONS of awesome ideas that i can't wait to share with you as we implement them.

my corner of a.m. solace is progressing nicely.
i have fun ideas for this area as well.

and finally...

and gray and yellow and white.
i am in LOVE with our bathroom!

these apartments were built in the late sixties, early seventies and they were somehow able to maintain the bathrooms and other fixtures around the place well enough to leave them all these years. the handles on the sink are straight out of star trek. 

progress is being made. the pod full of our coffee making goodies stuff should be delivered for emptying sometime today, finally getting us up and running over the weekend. we still don't have a dining table, but we'll have a waffle iron and internet, the essentials. you'll get the full tour at some point, but these are my favorite areas so far that i couldn't wait to show you.

happy friday the thirteenth!

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