Tuesday, September 3, 2013

an oregonian

my first week as an oregonian was rough (understatement). alone in a new city in a new state where i knew no one and was stuck staying in THE shittiest "hotel" i have ever seen does not an excited laura make. yelp review here.

i silently wept almost the entire twoish-hour flight after leaving the comforting arms of jacques to spend five nights completely alone. wednesday night was the hardest; so close, yet still so far from jacques' arrival on friday evening. i am very unused to having zero affectionate interaction for any length of time. even the thought that i could go out with someone i know and have a hug was stripped from me. i was seriously considering a "free hugs" sign standing in front of powell's.

jacques worked himself to the bone, skipping sleep and food in order to get to me faster. he managed to cram 690 square feet of two-bedroom-apartment into 40 square feet of moving pod and the space in the back of the cream filling... while i sat and had a pity party, watched some chopped, ate too much sizzlepie, and tried very hard to sleep. i feel awful that i wasn't there to help, but when an opportunity presents itself, you get on the plane and take care of bidness.

my new job is still exciting and wonderful. last week was solid training because they care about consistency and they have systems in place for making everything a piece of cake. it's all out of a dream i had long ago when i was being interviewed for my last position and they said "transitioning to paperless"... the dream of paperlessness is alive in portland. first demerit: they nab your company photo the second you walk in the door on a monday morning... after several sleepless hours and many tears =

mah gahd! who does that to a person!?
available for viewing on the firm intranet day and night and on my building badge forever. fml. 

redemption: i met the file clerk to be assigned to me... there are some who call him....................................................................... tim?

this weekend we get to occupy the new apartment, but all of our stuff is still in transit until the thirteenth. we bought a new mattress to be delivered sunday and got sheets to put on it at least. it's super squishy awesomeness that i cannot WAIT to lie on again. 

saturday we find out the color of our vintage porcelain tub, sink, and toilette. of course i just hope for a functioning and clean bathroom, but if i could choose, i'd probably have green. 

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