Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mattress Masseuse

You ever have one of those moments of inspiration that quickly evaporates into whiny desire for a product to simplify your life? Google! BAM! Exists! Life simplified:

Sensual, at home massages from your loved one are no longer half wondrous half asphyxiation and/or neck tweaking torture. A kick-starter, turned Bed Bath & Beyond find of your life, the Mattress Masseuse is that far away dream come true. It exasperates me to think back on all the times I wanted this to be real.

Unfortunately, there is going to be a gap between it being available online and going up on BB&B shelves, so I thought I'd jump on the opportunity to let you know about it before I actually get mine to review. It couldn't be a complete disaster... right?

The deets from the geniuses behind this gloriousness:

  • We'll be shipping our first products to Kickstarter and web customers in June August.
  • We plan to accept web orders through the end of June; after that, it's going to be 100% wholesale.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond is interested in testing the product, in addition to a couple other chains.
  • We're super excited and hope to see Mattress Masseuse on shelves across the country in time for Christmas!

Check back here in August for my "review". (No, they're not sending me a free one to review for you, pfshshshchyeah, right.)

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