Friday, March 22, 2013


I couldn't even wait for all the back order shenaniganz to get sorted from the onslaught of Android users getting their hands on the UP band FINALLY! I found one I could live with until Amazon ships my pretty light grey one in April so I can start having all the fun now.

Onyx is nice?

First, setting up was THE MOST FUN EVER!!!! "Give this band a name and make UP yours." Oh, Jawbone, so cheeky. "UP Laura's" is the name, natch. 

Uhm, yeah, I don't move, like at all, all day. By the time this goes up, I've already got 12 "get your ass up and move" warnings today... from 8:00 AM. Yikes! That's the point though, to make you aware of how sedentary you actually are. Awareness? Check. Oh, and it knows if you're just a gesticulating conversationalist or if you're actually walking. No cheating!

I tracked my sleep last night. It tells me how long it took to fall asleep; if I woke up at all in the night (sleep like the dead? confirmed); how long I was in deep sleep and how long in light sleep, etc. It also tried to gently wake me at an optimum time within 20 minutes of my alarm... tried, cuz it didn't. There is a bit of a learning curve that I was prepared for. The band "learns" more about you as you wear it and will adjust such alarms and settings to better suit your routine once it figures all of that out. 

The reason I was sooooooo excited about the UP was because of the sleep tracking. About two years ago, I started doing research on such devices because getting out of bed in the morning has always been THE biggest struggle of my life. Once I'm up and showered, I'm fine. It's getting up in the first place that is unimaginably difficult. 

I started with gobs and gobs of research on wake up light alarms (more on that later) and stumbled into sleep monitoring gadgets along the way. Jawbone's UP was especially appealing for two major reasons: 1.) it monitors more than sleep in a well designed way and 2.) it doesn't strap onto my head or go under my pillow. It's a stylish little bracelet that I can wear in the shower and it tells me all the cool stats about my daily activities... or lack thereof. 

Someday I hope to be able to have some sort of Star Trek gadget that monitors everything, flawlessly, in a pretty watch that will listen to my voice commands. Until then, this Jawbone UP is pretty damn snazzy so far. 

Update: final count for work day one = 21 buzzes to get up and move in 8 hours. SMH

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