Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Google Reader Dumped Us

...told us we've got until July 1st to get our shit together and move along.

Feedly, which I've already complained about, was a nice rebound, but NewsBlur is definitely Mr. Right.

*sigh* NewsBlur, you had me at

EPIC use of a Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka quote!!!!
(love that we have to make the distinction, thaaaanks Tim Burton)

I am SUCH a huge SUCKER for a cheeky interface. I wasn't fast enough on the screen grab, but as it was loading my unread items, the progress bar said "Counting is hard." SQUEE! ...and that logo, my sunshine...

What it lacks in gorgeous and modern interface (cuz it's totes beta ymail circa 2008, y'all) it makes up for in cheeky witticisms and total RSS feed domination. I'm completely smitten... like, as of this post. Look out for an update when Reader finally gets the ax... or when NewsBlur tells me I have too many shoes.

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