Monday, February 4, 2013

Table for Four

You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Honestly, it's been rather quiet at llPause because I've been afraid to share the goings on of late... but, this is my free write/thought dump/two way mirror... so deal... and maybe learn something?

Diving in, head first:

I'm a slut. I always have been. I've always known what I was, I just never had anyone to share it with until now... and I spent way too much time in ignorance to such a beautiful life existing outside of my dreams. Now that I've found that special someone to enjoy all there is to enjoy and to be totally free with, bring on the play times!!!

Yesterday was the BEST Superbowl Sunday I have ever had. The boyfriend and I had two lovely people over who are quickly becoming good friends. The four of us spent most of our time in the bedroom sharing each other in every way there is to share, and having the most fun. I gazed into the eyes of my beloved as he climaxed in another woman who was enjoying herself as much as he was... as I savored the giant grin on his face and the sweat pouring down his body I have never felt such blissful love for another human being, nor experienced such freedom in all my life as in that moment. This is so "where I belong" it seems fantastical. I have to pinch myself every time I think about the things I get to do, I'm going to do, I have done... Prince Laurent has scooped me up and whisked me off to happily ever after... for me. Not the house and the baby and loving husband. This. This and so much more.

Now you know. If that's TMI, I understand. Don't worry, this blog isn't going to turn into a fan fiction fifty shades or anything. More honesty than you're willing to deal with, I'm sure, but not all the juicy details.

P.S. Don't worry mom; we're being more than safe; love you ;-*

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