Friday, February 22, 2013

R.I.P. Summer

If you know nothing of The 4-Runner, start here.

The 4-Runner is not just no longer mine, but no longer among us. It will be scrapped for parts and melted down and all of the horrible things they do to vehicles that are totaled in an accident. 

I always drove so carefully in it... because I knew, I KNEW! any minor fender bender would render such an elderly vehicle totaled...

If you know nothing of Emily, start here

Emily was permitted the use of The 4-Runner and during that use collided with another vehicle. The damage was only cosmetic. She drove it away from the accident (after it dutifully protected her and my darling Miss May) and also drove it to the body shop for a quote. Still, there was more to fix than the vehicle was worth to State Farm. My father, the current owner, has (finally, thanks His Saucy Noodle!) decided to let go of his "project vehicles" and The 4-Runner would now be one of them if he accepted the salvage title and check from State Farm...

so it's gone... forever. Dad's heart was broken as he told me. Jacques held me as I cried. I didn't even get to say good-bye.


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