Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Jacques and I grew up three blocks from each other, went to the same schools, and didn't know the other existed until we found ourselves employed at the same law firm... when I ended up assigned as his new secretary.

"Wait, you were his SECRETARY?!!" *dramatic gasp* SCANDALOUS!!!  ...not really, more of a fun coincidence that two extremely compatible people would find themselves working together in one setting and finding out later that they work well together in all other settings. "*sniggersnort* ...more like SEXitary."

Seriously though, it was painfully professional while we worked together. So much so that I sometimes wondered if he even liked having me as a secretary... which is probably more of just one of those things we secretaries worry about always... or maybe just me. We cultivated a pleasant friendship and remained in contact when he left the firm. Fast forward to my blogged melt down over the summer, that he read, and responded to by offering a shoulder to cry on. That friendship turned out to be a respectful ruse to hide his true feelings, and suddenly the painful part of the professional relationship makes sense... overcompensating much?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined having a chance at someone so amazeballz, and there he was, all along, keeping a safe distance because I was married and his secretary. 

Guess who I brought as my date for the firm holiday party... LOLZ! Mostly pleasant surprise and one or two sideways glances were shared with good times had by all, as always.

AAANYway, our midnight smooches for 2013 in the hills of San Dimas were most triumphant. AND our parents live three blocks from each other, still in the homes we grew up in... which makes getting together for holidays suuuuuuper easy. No more scarfing down the 2:00 meal to high tail it across town for the 6:00, woot!

If The Fates were real, they'd be getting some serious thank you note action right now. 

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