Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 is here!!!

I spent the last moments of 2012 in audience to the sun setting over the pacific ocean with my love sitting next to me on my Pilates mat after a nice little workout. We watched the last rays of 2012 fall behind the waves as we cuddled in the freezing wind.

We decided on our way home to visit Joshua Tree (my first) to ring in the new year. We stopped for snacks, packed on the layers, grabbed all the blankies, and took off around 11. Putting us right where the 10 and the 57 meet to watch the first fireworks of 2013 from the hills of Via Verde and have our midnight smooches in our home town of San Dimas.

We got to Joshua tree and looked at the beautiful, moonlit landscape, had a nap, then watched as the sun rose over the rocks.

All of this coming from spur of the moment ideas that we acted on. As we drove down the windy road toward the bottom of Joshua Tree to head home, I sat in the car and reveled in the idea that this is my life now. This is the start I am having to a new year. Thoughts like "I will never again have to sit at home and watch someone play video games" and "I will never have to bear the cold and the rain to sit and watch cars go around in a circle 250 times ever again" (CA Speedway is a 2 mile track, 500 miles/2miles... I'm upset that I know these things...). My attention span and weather tolerances are much better spent these days... with much better company. I am so very grateful and happy and excited and full of rainbow diarrhea. It feels so good to have someone to share such wonderful adventures with; to have someone who appreciates me for the things I say and do and want and love and for who I am; to have someone I appreciate and respect and admire and care for...

Happy New Year Indeed!

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