Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Actually, there's not much to tell about the Aruba portion of the trip aside from the sky diving. It was a relaxing-do-nothing island with the calmest waters on the white sand beach just outside our window. We slept late, watched movies and Flying Circus, splashed around a bit, strolled around the resort's many areas, checked out some grocery stores and had various other shopping adventures, took naps, had baths, etc.

It was a time share resort, so our room had a full kitchen. It was super nice to go and get some plants to cook up for ourselves. We also made an epic sandwich:

toast, guava jam, chunky peanut butter, banana, melty chocolate shavings

We went Bowling... without our own balls and shoes... and it was pretty awful, but we had fun. The shoes they provided mistakenly had sand paper on the bottom instead of soft leather for sliding. I checked the approach and my shoes before bowling, as always, and noted the extreme friction happening, but thought I could handle it. Once you add momentum and the thoughtlessness of a motion performed countless times, crash-bang-wham! knee and wrist bruises, a gutter ball, and embarrassment. We took the shoes off and managed to bowl well enough.

We also went to a "Spa"... which was the worst spa experience I've had to date. I am a connoisseur of spa treatments. I want to go and experience all there is to offer in relaxation and wellness. Some people plan all the restaurants they want to visit, or all the sporting events they want to take in; I research the spa near the hotel and plan out the treatment package I want. Spa del Sol, Aruba seemed nice enough, with beach-side cabanas for massagering and a nice selection of treatment options, it seemed like a great place to try. It turns out, the pretty pictures and loveliness only cover one of their two locations... and of course we visited the wrong one. The rooms were next to the pool area, outsideish, but a room with walls, a ceiling, and florescent lights... that they never turned off or dimmed! The doors had windows to the outside with nice curtains; they could have easily turned off the harsh lights and left it with natural light through the translucent curtains only, but no. Then, of course, there was a pool side DJ at 11:00 in the morning on a Tuesday. So they gave us headphones in an effort to drown out the thumping, but only succeeding in adding to the ruckus, blah and etc.  Add to it the scariest, most hurty, awfulest pedicure in my whole life, including my own sordid attempts of the past, epic fail Spa del Sol. 

We also went Horseback Riding. It was supposed to be on the beach, but we ended up touring the natural desert landscape of the island. Who would have thought, Aruba is a cactus covered, snake infested desert on the inside... so pretty.

sorrento was such a brat I said, nothing much to tell. I would like to note that the Aruba TSA, upon our departure, needed to perform additional screening on my bag because they had never seen a magic wand before. Luckily, "it's a souvenir" gets you through without any further inquiry.

I am all about the relaxing beach vacation, but the next big trip will definitely be more eventful.

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