Monday, November 26, 2012

"I'm going to push you."

Yeah, I threw my life out of an itty bitty airplane and plummeted to the earth for 30 or so glorious seconds as I tried to fly like a birdy... finally! I've always fantasized about sky diving. What a perfect opportunity for my first dive. Jacques and I went up 10,000 feet to get the best view of Aruba, and the last thing on my mind was fear. PROOF:

almost no queeze from the teeny plane, almost

google earff ain't got nuthin on that view

Laura's Famous Last Words: "Don't Panic"

mandatory strap holding, booooo

free at last!

"amazeballz" does not even begin to cover it


Jacques or I need to get trained so we can be in this shot together... epic.

note: post free-fall hair is not recommended for photo oppsobvz.

mon amant, jacques la adorable lapin
i don't think i've ever smiled so big as to produce a dimple in all my life.

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