Monday, October 29, 2012

Moving Day 2012

I have a new place! 

I shouldn't call it a "place"... I have a new haven for me to frolic in for the next year... that's better. 

I should start by saying that this apartment that I have agreed to move into on December 1st is embarrassingly expensive. Like, "I'm not even going to tell you I'm so embarrassed about it" embarrassing. Like, "it can't be legal what they're charging for this place" embarrassing. But yeah, I'm just going to be embarrassed about it, because this apartment is SOOOO perfect, it's disgusting.

NUMBER ONE unbelievably perfect thing about this apartment: The community has their own yoga/pilates studio wherein residence get to attend classes for free. They have a nice space, two reformers, and a yoga instructor... NO PILATES INSTRUCTOR... yet. When she told me that, my head almost exploded. As soon as I told her I am a Pilates instructor, she was soooo excited, talking about getting me special keys to the reformer closet and showing me how the iPod dock works in the studio... oh yeah, all common areas of the community (there are many) have an iPod dock built into the wall for maximum listening pleasure through their state of the art sound system in each room.

NUMBER TWO unbelievably perfect thing about this apartment: It is nestled 0.3 miles from my train to work. No more driving to and parking at a station. I can hop on the Metro and go anywhere. No more getting reimbursed for my $250 Metrolink pass; my wonderful firm has a tap card account. Granted, it's the blue line, that goes through Compton and has all kinds of riff raff on it, all hours of the day, but there's a train every 12 minutes in the morning! Pepper spray has been purchased, mom.

NUMBER THREE unbelievably perfect thing about this apartment: it's all eco and shit. I actually got to meet the person in the unit adjacent to mine (his name was Shelale; I'm not joking) and he was going on and on about how his gas bill is $5 and his electricity is $20 over the summer with the air on! The complex has two boilers, so I don't pay to heat the water (directly, I realize that's probably part of why it's so damn expensive), nor do I have to wait for it to get hot. The outer walls are concrete, keeping the cool in and the heat out. The windows are double pane. Etc!

NUMBER FOUR unbelievably perfect thing about this apartment: The amenities... awesome gym that's open 5AM to 11PM (not to mention the BEACH I could run around on for exercise whenever I want); theater that seats 15 and is connected to Direct TV and a community NetFlix streaming account, Yoga/Pilates studio mentioned earlier with instructors and equipment; billiards, video game, and card rooms (no bowling alley, unfortunately... but "we do have wii bowling" *eyeroll*); pet hotel/grooming center; coffee bar; the usual pool/spa/cabanas/bbq/outdoor fireplace action; and of course an executive conference room with teleconference equipment, obvz. All of those things are attached to the key-fob they give me and I can go and use them for free (part of why it's so expensive, yes, got it) whenever I want... not to mention the gated and secured parking garage where my little Fiat will sit patiently, all safe and secure, for weekend trips to Palms and San Dimas. 

NUMBER FIVE perfect thing (though not as unblieveable since that's why I want to live in Long Beach) about this apartment: It's at the BEACH! and smack dab in downtown Long Beach where there is shopping and food and walking distance activities and fun things to do all the time... while on tour of the complex, everyone walking around seemed to be my age and really cool. Shelale was really nice and was telling me about all the cool transit options for party times in Long Beach. 

So, after all that, you're probably google searching around to see if you can find this place and snoop how much I'm embarrassed about paying to live there... If you promise to keep in mind all the cool things it includes in the price, I'll tell you... For a spacious 720 square foot one bedroom/one bath apartment (with its own washer/dryer), in this glorious complex, right where I want to be in Long Beach that will make me so happy, I will be paying $1799 a month *gasp*.  I know; I'm the proper amount of embarrassed about it; don't worry. It's a year lease; we'll see how it goes. There will be lots of cooking in my fabulous new kitchen and free frolicking at the beach across the street in 2013. Hopefully this new Pilates gig pays $1000 a month...

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