Friday, October 26, 2012


I totally died, but I'm all better now... almost. The light at the end of the tunnel is 8 (ZOMGEIGHT) days away! So, of course, strep throat, duh.

Burning the candle at both ends with all of this trying to have a social life and being an arbitration slave at work is bound to end in disaster. Some epic good times though, man! I definitely earned this strep throat and  am willingly suffering through it. Hopefully I get this out of the way and stay healthy all 16 days of the trip! Jacques and I are so super excited! 

I FINALLY found and purchased a workable bikini... actually, just the top, I have a bottom I can use with it, probably. 

The weird ruffled layer action in the front isn't ideal, but not hideous... the patterns might be hideous, but this late in the game, beggars can't be choosers. The bottom I have to use with it is the dark purple in the ruffle and is solid textury color, hopefully offsetting the patterns.  But folks, what I'm EXFUCKINGSTATIC about on this top:


Look at that wonderfulness. ZARQUON! I can't even stand it! Support! Thick straps on my SHOULDERS! No knot in my neck! 100% sizeable! This is going to be epic; I can feel it. Here's hoping it gets delivered before we leave... and fits... lolzzz. Plan B is to find something in Aruba, which will probably be really easy, but you know me. HAFTA have everything planned and ready to go.

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