Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This weekend was a scheduling disaster that worked out in the end.  YAAY for flexibility!  When everyone mentions this or that is happening toward the end of March, you should start jotting them down!

I got to spend some quality time with my HLP, which was much needed and wildly entertaining, as always.  Even the clerk at Albertsons noticed our two quarters of brain were meant to be one half.  Green skittles vodka floated on champagne and orange skittles vodka mixed with creme soda are dangerously delicious.  ...drunken love letters coming soon.

The three of us also managed to babysit my adorable niece for the weekend.  Despite the difficult battle with the car seat (which fits beautifully in the Fiat regardless of its diminutive stature), another shameful victory over the pack-n-play, and forgetting the beginning of Monster's Inc. can be quite frightening for a two-year-old (Tia Fail), she had quite a good time and remained unscathed.  FTW!

Dutifully remaining entertained with Barbie at Uncle's softball game, 
heedless of wind and rain... and which team to root for.

What a little bundle of laughs and snuggles she is!  She was only reduced to tears twice, and both were completely my fault.  The second event was when I said it was time for nums and she wanted a tangerine she saw instead of what we had prepared for dinner.  She's coping with some dehydration and fruit isn't the answer to diarrhea, so I told her she'd have to eat her dinner first and you'd think I told her she'd never see her mommy again.  The poor thing just melted into a puddle of utter disbelief and distress, quietly weeping on the floor (thank goodness for that, she's a weeper not a screamer... yet).  After comforting her for a moment, then enticing her to eat dinner by taking a few bites myself, she came around.  Phew.

The first episode was because the HLP and I were leaving her with Uncle Vince while we ran out for quick pedicures.  She wasn't upset because we were leaving her or that she would be left with Vince, but that she wasn't coming with us.  When we returned, the report from Uncle Vince was that she started crying and he tried to console her; she refused his hugs, walked over to her pack-n-play bed, and asked to be put in.  Once he placed her in the bed she commanded "Baby" and he brought it to her.  Once she settled in she firmly told him "Bye" and pointed to the door.  He left, closing the door, and she calmed down and went to sleep.  I cried a little myself I laughed so hard. 

Sunday she woke and was unleashed to the living room for playing before breakfast was prepared.  She kept pointing to a spot on the play blanket and saying "I peed"... or something similar because she wasn't wet, nor was the spot on the floor.  I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and was tempted to call one of her caretakers to see if I could get a translation.  It wasn't a huge deal to her, but every once in a while she would say it again.  Later that afternoon she was playing in our closet and saw our iPad on the charger next to the bed.  She ran over to it, excitedly pointing and squealing "IPEED! IPEED!".  Duh, she wanted to play on the iPad and she was pointing to the place on the floor where we set it down for her the night before *facepalm*.  

We definitely need to steal her away for weekend stays more often!

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