Thursday, March 26, 2015

zooterwoot is borked

this fuzzerbucketsnugglepuss managed to break her front, left leg a few weeks ago (we're going to call it an arm to personify).  we've been monitoring her progress, crating her in the day when we're not home, feeding her super special food to help her bone heal faster, and giving her extra kisses to be safe.  they didn't put a cast on it because it wouldn't help based on location and type of break. she needs rest and snuggles.

j was home when it happened, petting conchord in the other room.  they both heard a scuffle and conchord was alarmed, which is rare, and went to investigate while j followed. they found her thrashing about on the floor in the middle of the room, kind of near the closet. we have no idea what she could have been up to in there that would cause a broken bone, but she's definitely banished from that room forever! the cats actually kind of hate that room and mraow at us incessantly until we've gone back into the other room... and gotten on the bed... so they can sit on our lap and/or snuggle under the covers. it's our fault for using our living room as the bedroom and our bed as the couch (maybe a long ago promised apartment tour for context is needed!). oh well.

she started completely unable to get up at all. nothing hurt to the touch, but she couldn't bear weight.   after about three days, she quickly progressed to being able to prop herself up on her back legs. then she added scooting around on her right arm and butt. now she can hobble-walk around and handle her own business in the litter box. 

she was immediately an excellent patient. she allowed us to hold her while she used the litter box, even for pooping. she would ask for help when she needed it, indicating her hunger or need to use the litter box. it was quite easy and ideal, actually. now, she knows that we'll let her out of her crate when we get home in the evenings and after she finishes dinner (she has to eat her dinner in her crate in peace, otherwise conchord shoves his way in front of the bowl), but she seems to understand that she's to spend the day in her crate and is super good about being left there in the mornings.  how i got two cats so easily scheduleable, i'll never know. they come and tell us when it's time for bed even! 

she'll be back to 100% in no time, but living through the possibility of losing her was the most awful thing i've ever experienced in my entire life! 

she and her brother really are my babies, fur and all. when j told me something was wrong with her and that he thought that maybe she'd had a seizure or something, the bubble of panic in my throat was a cauldron boil. when i got home and saw her at least trying to get up even though she was unable, i was optimistic, but terrified. we happened to have to pick up a.j. from the airport that evening (to spend the weekend taking zoot to the vet now), wanted to take her to her vet, and probably couldn't afford emergency vet care anyway.

when the vet was telling us we'd have to crate her for possibly up to a year because her bones needed some work and special food (lesson learned about raw diet for cats, only adult cats!) and that'd be hard on an eleven-month-old kitten who can no longer romp around and play... hinting ever so subtly that we should consider saying goodbye, all i wanted to do was die. we took her home to play the waiting game, to monitor her pain and see how she handled being cared for. when the five-day pain killer should have worn off, she didn't show any signs of pain or distress, she was already trying to walk on it again.  the relief after every mile stone is like a punch of endorphins directly to my face.

as i was getting ready for our trip to the vet, i couldn't help but wallow in sorrow over other people being able to take their broken babies to the hospital and having good health insurance to make them all better, no matter what. even the best pet insurance is super shitty and expensive. believe me, i looked before we even got conchord. the savings account is all i have to protect my babies.

the very most luckiest thing on the planet came from my hlp, laura when she came to visit for my birthday last year. that trip to the beach was facilitated by her boyfriend's high school friend's parent's beach house... who also own and operate a veterinary clinic. thanks to her awesomeness and generosity, i was able to afford finding out my baby had a broken arm. even then, it was still almost $300.  i can't imagine what it would have cost otherwise.

maybe someday, society will respect a woman's right to choose fur babies over her own womb babies. then maybe i can list my babies as dependents and not have to worry about them breaking arms.

Monday, March 23, 2015

the truffle shuffle was involved...

this weekend we hosted a friend from los angeles and got to re-visit some of our favorite places in portland.  j took the day off friday to walk her around downtown and the waterfront.  they saw some abandoned flowers and brought them for me when we met up for lunch.

thursday's commencement of the portland tour seemed to center around the strip clubs of portland, because there are many of them... so many, in fact, two of them are completely vegan.  then there's the one connected to the bathroom of a delicious mexican restaurant that we went to for lunch on friday.  is it still a mexican restaurant if grizzly, tattooed, white guys are the only people working there? 

i got off work, hung out with this little fluffers for a bit, then we headed out for some more night life.

many of the trendy bars in town have a photo booth for some reason. it's always fun to swath yourself in nostalgia, but these booth owners are getting away with robbery.

saturday we headed to the coast to show her what it's like to just look at the waves because it's too freezing to actually get wet. of course, there were children and dogs splashing about because they give no shits about temperature. 

of course, what tour of the oregon coast would be complete without a stop at the goonies house. it's occupied, so no tour or anything. you just walk up the front drive and take pictures of someone's house like a creeper.

more hi-jinx planned for this monday evening, then she leaves tomorrow. it's super fun to have friends come visit, but there's so much to show them!  how are you supposed to do TWO vegan strip clubs, all the amazing restaurants, the waterfront, powell's, hikes bikes and trains, AND sleep in five days? le tired.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

ten, TEN! digits this year


merry 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. everyone! 
quite the momentous occasion with the addition of the 1592653 this year. 2015 is the best!
celebrate by stuffing yourself with some homophone...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

confession or pro tip?

sometimes, when i'm feeling overwhelmed, i put things on the to-do list that i just did so i can have something to cross off. these are my "coping skills".

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

happy tootsday!

i just had the most epic, unexpected flatulence in the bathroom.  it caught me off guard, which made me laugh, which turned into the giggles... and of course there was another person in there. 

in keeping with my refusal to be embarrassed about what happens in the work bathroom, i made sure to time my exit with hers and confront her about it. we both had a good laugh and she shared an adorable story about her daughter's singing habit in the bathroom, which kept my giggles going. you know that really deeply therapeutic laughter that you feel in your bones? what a wonderful tootsday morning boost.

Monday, February 23, 2015

coffee isn't fun anymore

and with the post updating you about my coffee and alcohol consumption comes swiftly the retraction because i've started quitting daily morning coffee again. 

i only got back into the habit of coffee every morning because j was so damn excited to learn about coffee and started making me a cup every day. how do you say no to that!? he's since lost interest and i'm left holding the addiction bag. 

on top of the fact that it messes up my sleep cycle and makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning (previous quitting and re-indulging experience has shown that to be true for me), i don't find joy in making myself a cup of iced coffee (because hot coffee takes too long to cool for me to guzzle and be on my way and those travel tumblers are gross) every morning just to feed the monkey, so i'm going to wipe the slate clean and keep coffee for weekend adventures and trips to my favorite shop.

today's the first day and my head is already killing me, fml.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


the kitties were so damn happy i was home that they didn't even care they were almost touching while snuggled up on my lap and i was able to get some pretty cute shots. indulge me?

paparazzi busted! she was about to go all shia labeouf on me until i rubbed her tummy and she settled back down.