Tuesday, August 25, 2015

i'll tumble for you

i got a notification from stat counter this morning that i've maxed my free account, which means data archives will be lost going forward (nothing i've written is on the chopping block, just the view stats for those old posts). it got me thinking about how i haven't been writing on here much and why. i've come to the conclusion that i used to use this digital parchment for stress management purposes. i've always said this space is my paperless journal, and it truly was for quite a while.

i haven't been writing blog posts regularly because i've found different methods for my stress management and see that keeping the blog updated is now adding stress. some of my new activities take my time away from the blog, others help make the things i used to write about seem too insignificant to catalog... and let's be honest, i did a lot of my writing at work during slow periods, but now i don't have any of those anymore, really. in fact, just yesterday i was chugging along at a good pace, keeping myself afloat nicely. i glanced at the clock thinking it must be about 10:30 and time to start prioritizing work to cover my lunch break la dee da dee da... it was 12:15. 

i'm not saying i will never touch this blog again, but it's definitely not something i'm going to count as on-the-back-burner anymore. i'm taking it off the stove to leave room for new things.

it was really fun and i'm glad i was able to entertain a few of you. this blog was started because of supportive loved ones that enjoy my word thoughts. this blog is responsible for the wonderful relationship i have now. this blog was something i would look forward to doing and had fun with. it has become a task on a long list and it deserves better. 

i just got a little emotional...

i hate very much when i enjoy reading someone's blog and they quit on me, but it's always better when they say goodbye first so... don't go changing just to please me. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

cat poop, a saga

i might as well talk about my cats all the time because that's all i seem to have going on in my life. every time i turn around there's some cat drama or other.

the latest cat drama is the litter. just ugh! right?

le story:

i was so excited to be able to train a cat to use the toilet. it was going to be magical. i finally had a cat, now i can potty-train him. and he did remarkably well! for a cat. he was reluctant, and we had some problems getting him to stand on the seat, but progress was being made and i still had hope. we started with d.i.y. lasagna pans, graduated to a litter quitter, and were so close to the end. then we got zoot and she was WAY too little to be using a toilet, so we had to get her a box... which conchord promptly claimed as his too. le sigh.

funny story: we put the box in the bathroom to keep the toilet training thing on the horizon, but she was so itty bitty that a trek to the bathroom was akin to hiking the p.c.t. for this baby cat,

memmer the itty bitty? d'awwwwwww

so we had to move the box to the living room or she would pee on the bed. i don't know why she preferred to pee on the bed, but she did and it wasn't okay. she would play play play WAITGOTTAPEE!! peeeeeeeeeeee OKAY play play play play... wait, i'm all wet *looks at us with the cutest distressed look in her eyes* mamma halp? 

anyway, we decided to go with wood pellets because they're better for everyone and the planet and everything everywhere. we got sifting litter boxes to sift down the saw dust, leaving the unsoiled pellets ready for more. it was pretty great. especially when we were feeding them only raw meat. they only pooped once a week; it didn't smell; life was good.

enter the new diet. we had to go to kibble kitten food to help zoot's arm, which conchord wouldn't stay out of, so now they're both pooping at least once per day each. which was somewhat annoying for the litter box daily care, but wasn't the worst. until conchord decided he didn't want to poop on the pellets anymore. we don't know why exactly, but perhaps the extra pooping made it more annoying for him to put up with the pellets somehow? dunno. all i know is homeboy was pooping two or three times per day, everyfuckinwhere but the litter box. mostly in unoccupied spaces against a wall on the carpet. almost always on a power cord, gross.

so, we changed over to disgusting a.f. clumping litter. 

that shit is not okay. not even a little bit. like, what the fuck. we did everything to make our clumping litter experience as tolerable as possible to no avail. the smell of the odor control litter was awful. the smell of the non odor control litter was awful. the clumps were always stuck to the sides and making the box awful. adding liners to the box was awful. the tracking, woahfuck the tracking, awful. INMYBEDWHEREISLEEPFORFUCKSAKE!!!!!!!! how do the crazy cat ladies do it? 

anywho, then i had the brilliant idea to take those rubbermaid storage bins, big ones, cut a hold in one side, put the litter box on the other side, put a litter tracking mat in between and hope for the best. that significantly reduced the tracking and helped contain the smell to a manageable area. then conchord was peeing down the side wall of the container instead of in the box which would go under the box and make a huge mess. 

but a dollar store flexible cutting board propped against the wall sitting in the litter solved that problem. my boyfriend is smarter than your honor roll student (tm).

i was complaining about all of this to the crazy-cat-lady-in-training who removes hair from my ass crack for a living because she's a saint, and she told me about how much she loves using crystal cat litter ANDSAVEDMYLIFEYOUGUYS! llpause for shout out: if you're in the portland area, (some of you are, i gotz the demographic data pouring into my google box) please check out audra siren's little business wax downtown. she is my spirit animal... and is, just, lovely.

i went online and researched the crystal litter, found nature's miracle had the best one (obvi), and got all ready to order... when i found the most amazing thing on this planet youguys! nature's miracle makes reasonably priced, 100% recycled, infused with baking soda, disposable litter boxes...

i ordered the crystals and the disposable boxes. the magic is the crystals absorb the pee so there's no smell, and they absorb the liquid from the poop, so there's no smell, and they're super easy to scoop. you scoop the poop and stir the crystals so they're evenly coated until you can smell the ammonia urine smell, then you throw the whole thing out and put a fresh one. this lasts for four to six weeks depending on use. game. changer!

i got it all set up on a saturday. i was so fucking excited. conchord went right in and did his business like nothing was amis... then it was zoot's turn. she was so freaked out about the crystals. they made a weird crunchy noise, they're blue and sparkly, nope, not happening, no.

i started to lose my cool. this was the last straw; this was all i had; this was the hail mary pass; this was it. and she couldn't do it for me. supersmart boyfriend jumps in and tries to calm me down by reminding me that zoot is young and slightly dumb; we can just put out a normal litter box, in the magic disposable box, and slowly add the crystals to the normal litter and she'll never notice. so we did, and it took less than a week, and everything is wonderful. 

...for now. until one or both of them decide they don't want to poop on magic crystals anymore. le sigh.

p.s. they're not eating kitten food anymore. we're back on raw food, but the fancy stuff with vitamins and different animal parts, not just the butt.  kthxbi.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

kitten chaser

before i start:

IT'S LEGAL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations to all the users who are no longer criminals.


dude, you guys, seriously.

i have been so all over the place and have been way too lazy with the blog. no running updates in, like, a month, wow.

i'm not even going to bother catching up at this point.  i was sick over the weekend and have been trying to figure things out with my schedule, etc. i'm still running most days and doing my usual 4 days of pilates, so it's all good. you're probably over the terribly lit pictures of the treadmill screen anyway.

also, i probably figured out i have high cortisol levels, which is crazy. the google machine helped me flesh out my diagnosis in less than an hour. i got some herbal supplements to fix it and started taking them last week. seriously, i'm so much better already. it's nice to have the google machine validate my strange assumptions about my body weird. i shoulda probably had a doctor test my blood or something, but that takes an unknowable amount of days to complete. amazon sent me the herbs in two days, done.

seriously, seriously, seriously, i think i might have just halved my hyperhidrosis suffering too. it's super weird that all the things that made me cranky about my body misbehaving were all connected to one thing. i guess it's not that weird, but still! it can't be this easy! a $30 bottle of questionable powder makes all eight things disappear, and most of my hyperhidrosis thrown in on top. UNREAL!

we'll see how i'm doing after a month.  if i'm right, i will need to alter my running schedule. running too often or too long is bad for your cortisol. i'm under the limit for time per outing, but frequency is an issue.

then! the other day, i took this amazing picture of zoot i had to share. your kitten chaser:

okay, this one too! too presh!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

birthday weekend in austin, tx

it's the middle of june, so let's talk about what i did for memorial day! as previously mentioned, i spent my birthday/memorial day weekend in austin, texas visiting my hlp. she moved to austin last fall to attend the university and i hadn't gotten to visit her yet.

in no particular order:

we visited the jackrabbit, because duh. the rules of taking a photo on the jackrabbit: you must have a drink in your hand... so we got the biggest drink in the house and climbed on up there.

this is a house where people live, like, their lives, in this house. this is not a prop building from a disney ride line, this is a house with cars in the driveway.

i was there during the second coming of the noah flood. there were tornadoes, buckets of water falling from the sky at odd intervals, thunder, lightning, and amazing clouds. it was the most spectacular weather i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. i love crazy weather and was super excited about it, but it was definitely very nice to come home to my mild tempered pacific northwest drizzle.

we ventured across the street for supplies during a light evening sprinkle. by the time we were ready to head back, the sky had turned into a waterfall. her apartment is less than one hundred yards from the convenience store we were in and we ran the whole way. we were completely soaked from head to toe, not an inch of us dry, even our underwear (what underwear?) was drenched. supermuchfun.

also, this is what all that moist did to my hair. not bad, actually. that pole behind me is one of three poles used to create a rig for my hlp's aerial acrobatic training apparatus, which is pretty damn sweet.

austin also has a fancy schmancy ice creamery that people are willing to wait in long lines for. theirs has vegan options, so we gave it a shot. we ended up standing in the sweltering back corner by the bathroom for all of five minutes before we called it and got a pint to go. i'm sure their cones were't that good anyway.

one hundred percent beaver coat, reppin' the beaver state. this photo was taken inside an air conditioned building, otherwise, that shit isn't happening.

my celebratory birthday cupcake, complete with pink penis candle.

obligatory first-birthday-esque destruction of cupcake. i only choked a little, and yes, i totally swallowed.

and now i'm twenty-eight years old, woooot. i've set some goals to reach "before i turn thirty" that are reasonable and would be nice, but not super important if i don't get around to them. i feel like things are coming together and it's just about time for people to finally take me seriously, myself included. getting older is kind of nice sometimes. 

being able to get on a plane and visit my very most bestest friend for my birthday confirms that i'm getting it mostly right, for me. i'm not meeting her in paris yet, but that's what thirty-eight is for.

Monday, June 15, 2015

herpderp de zerp

this photo brought so many questions to mind. i wasn't there when it was taken, so i have no answers to the questions. the most pressing question was not "why are they making those faces?" but instead "what's going on that got them both on the perch and they're not fighting each other?"

"zoot, strange things are afoot at the circle k."

Monday, June 8, 2015

pics or it didn't happen

last week (and probably most of this week) was spent in reproductive misery that doesn't seem to want to end. the number one thing to help that is, of course, exercise and proper nutrition. and of course those are the very last things one could ever want to deal with when it is most necessary. therefore, i give you:
monday, 6/1: pilates, mat

tuesday, 6/2: teach pilates, mat and

wednesday, 6/3: pilates, reformer

 thursday, 6/4:

saturday, 6/6: i walked a total of 1.4 miles to/from pilates, mat.

sunday, 6/7:

i have been going to pilates, three time per week for a while now, and teaching a mat class on tuesdays, might as well document that with the running.

i hope everyone had a great weekend. it was too damn hot here, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and get things done.

Monday, June 1, 2015

pics or it didn't happen

i've been all over the place these past two weeks, here's my running update at least:

5/17: i climbed a mountain

5/19: back to running

5/20: SUB 27!

went to the chiropractor and he asked me to try running every other day 
for a week and see how my left leg felt after... just try.

5/23: i ran and got on a plane to austin, texas to visit my hlp for my birthday weekend

5/25: i ran outside in the murky air in austin, texas, 
risking getting washed away in the flood,
next to this really nice river/lake thing in the middle of the city. 
it was a really nice run. my actual time was 37:32, 
but i couldn't figure out how to get my hlp's watch to stop counting.


then i went on a bit of a hiatus. my flight was super late getting in and i didn't end up going to bed until 2:30 a.m. and for some reason (see: too old for this shit) it took a lot out of me. i rested up real good this weekend and am back to my normal. 

average pace: 47:00
average time: 62:42
total miles: 29.13

the mountain climb is throwing off my totals, but i'm leaving it!