Friday, July 4, 2014

'muhrica burffday

you want me to celebrate what? the united states? ...

go fuck yourself 'muhrica.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


let's go in chron order:

i did a warby parker home try-on. i loved the process and liked the glasses (everyone voted for pair number four), but i ended up deciding the glasses i had were sufficient for backup to my contacts, so i didn't get any even though they're super affordable and cute. i recommend at least the try-on.

let it be known that conchord loves harvey birdman... and that this was the last thing ever watched on this television. the next morning, the tv shut itself off and sent us a distress signal with its little red light indicating that it was borked. craigslist to the rescue!

it works! forty dollars and about two hundred pounds later, we have a forty inch plasma monitor from THE YEAR 2000 to hold us over for the three times a week we're looking at a tv instead of sweating somewhere outside or in a bikram studio. oh yeah, and we're back to bikram for cross-training purposes. 

i turned twenty-seven on memorial day. birthday morning waffles are excellent for face-hole stimulation, not so much for birthday candle holding. 

the hlp came up to portland to surprise me in cahoots with j and had a fun trip to a beach house for us. it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend and i got to run with my two favorite people on the beach. epic and blissful. she's the best!

i call it "catemplations". too fuzzy wuzzy! caption contest?

summer is coming!!!! my new favorite breakfast = rice cake with s&p avocado on top, s&p tomato on the side. omnomnomnomnom.

cats are awesome at life. sun naps on the couch are the answer to most problems.

and last, but certainly not least, my big sister married her prince in lake tahoe over the weekend. it was gorgeous and super sweet. we drove the 560 or so miles through some back roads highways and national parks. it was long, but pretty. we had a great time visiting my family and meeting a few cousins for the first time. father's day was fun, especially because my father was there to hug and stuff. i got to congratulate the high-school grad in person. i can't believe my baby niece is already on her way to nursing school. and now i have two new nieces/nephews due in december. each sister measuring only two weeks apart, lolz... like some kind of sitcom. 

what have you been up to?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

efficient hair

i had all my hair chopped off because i'm lazy. long hair isn't cute when you're lazy. it's all scraggly and easily tangled and limp. now it's bouncy and full and happy. i use way less wen and way less time in the morning, ftw! it's not as perfectly coiffed as the stylist would like it, but 

close enough.
also, only mascara and tinted lip balm (and instagram filter). not bad.

the best part about this hair is the wash and go aspect as well. i can throw little twists on the sides with bobby pins and let my natural curls do the rest. my hair isn't "curly" per se, but i have something between a ringlet and a beach wave going on that looks passable. though, this blow dry took four minutes, so...

just something i've been up to; thought i'd share.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

national running day

i'll be going to yoga tonight, actually, but had a nice run last night in early celebration. from the beginning of training for this blerch half marathon, i've been doing interval running, but last night was only a three mile deal, so i went for the non-stop to see how i've progressed. i felt great and got to see my fancy watch all happy about new records. it was adorable. 

one big thing i've learned so far in my training to be an actual runner with goals and shit, is compression socks are AMAZEBALLZ!!! 

sunday was the longest long run i've had to date, seven miles is nothing to sneeze at, and i had the most fabulous run of my life even though my ipod died. it was a gorgeous day with a beautiful breeze in the perfect amount of sunshine; the birds were chirping and i had sunscreen on. it was really picturesque. i felt great through all seven miles and i have my compression socks to thank. they really made a huge difference as far as i can tell and i will be running with them at least for my long runs from now on. i haven't been running long enough to tell you what about them felt better other than i felt stronger and wasn't suffering as much. also, i wore my usual toesox underneath and felt like that helped with my blistering issues as well. so there.

the best part? pro compression is having a runner's day sale that extends to june fifteen!

fifty percent off when you buy two or more with the code "june". i'm just getting started in the compression sock game, so i can't say for certain they're the end all be all, but other runner's i like to read about are absolutely ga-ga over these socks; and they're cute. so there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

garmin forerunner 220 "review?"

i bought myself a fancy-schmancy watch.  here's what i think of it:

it's a party... on my wrist.

if you want, like, a tech runner's review of a piece of tech, try this guy. i'm just here to gush, cuuuuuz so pretty! 

and so light and flat and sleek:

and WATERPROOF!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot WAIT to go swimming with it! but also super handy when you're out running in another record breaking rain storm, ftw! (those smooshed cars were three blocks from mine, eep! underground parking garage ftw!) ...and you get completely soaked and you have tiny hail balls stuck to your shirt, wheeeee! it was the most fun i've ever had running, ever.

back to the watch.

it has bluetooth that not only uploads my workouts to the app, but tracks live if i bring my phone with me, so if i'm dying in a ditch, i can be found quickly... and they say family and friends can cheer me on in a race. uhm, kind of boring, no? this may be duplicate gps functionality going on with my phone AND the watch, but it's fun; don't shit on my fun.

i can have the bluetooth and gps on all the time in the background, and as long as it's on locked/time telling mode, it doesn't suck my battery. saves time when trying to sync and get my run on, which is a huge plus for me. i hate having to pair and wait and connect and wait and load and wait and blah and blah! let's go already! like the bluetooth on my headphones; don't even get me started!

this is my first gps running watch, and i was super nervous that i'd be overwhelmed by all the shit it does... but i totally wasn't. the user interface is super simple and obvious. you want to do an interval workout? down arrow to access menu, keep going down until you get to "training", then select "interval", set your two intervals and select "start workout" or if you've already set up your intervals, select "start workout" BOOM! DONE! everything you want, intuitively arranged, and nothing you don't want all up in your face. right out of the box it was beeping really loud with every button press and i found where to turn that off and did in five button presses. 

the "garmin connect" online community/activity tracking is nice. a bit basic overall, but detailed in the few things they do have and easy to use. they have training plans you can load on your watch to follow (instead of just intervals or something), but there are only a handful of them and they're not customizable. there's a part where you can try to make your own from scratch, but i don't have the patience for that shit.

i got the accompanying heart rate monitor too, which was also super easy; didn't even need to pair it cuz it was already set up, but it murdered my boobies. garmin's hrm is a rectangle with corners that hit right at the bottom of my cleavage if properly placed close to my heart. i put it under the band on my bra instead, and it worked fine. why can't they tell you that in the instructions? GOSH! 

in summary, this watch is amazeballz. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

nature box review

not sponsored, cuz bleck!

nature box is a subscription snack company that specializes in "natural" snacks that are "nutritionist approved", etc. subscription services are on the rise recently and include everything from cosmetics to snacks and fruit to running apparel.

the offerings sound quite appealing: praline pumpkin seeds, lemon pucker pistachios, everything bagel sticks, citrus chipotle chickpeas, guacamole bites...

everything we've tried in our home tastes like partially chewed, then dried oatmeal and salt, womps. i really wanted those guacamole bites to be yummy.

needless to say, i cancelled my subscription post haste, before they charged me money. i had a coupon for a free shipment of five items, luckily. otherwise i might be upset. if you're still interested (maybe i didn't pick the right snacks), they're having a half off for new subscribers deal right now with coupon code "NGB8-CNB".

maybe you'll have better luck.

p.s. opinion is mine, obvi.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day

mom's newest bag to add to her collection. she's the self-titled crazy bag lady, and i'm her enabler. it's a win win when she gets tired of them sometimes... score!

of course, even though i love my mommy to pieces, no holiday is sacred. here's your icky-holiday wisdom. cheers!